Engine Upgrades!

Happy Fathers Day to ME


Screw the gas price!!! $4.00 a gallon my BUTT!

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Manifold and CARB

I finally had a chance to upgrade BLUE to a Holly V barrel carb and manifold. It is a performance products mid-rise and a Holly 600 Vacuum secondary. I have a brand new in the box (fathers day gift) Holly 750 (80508s)

 I did not have the right pluming to hook it up so I just used one of my many 600's to get her running.


Since the manifold is too tall, I will be cutting a hole in my hood and putting on a scoop. Darn the luck!!! I am taking suggestions for scoop type and look. I am thinking of a stock cougar/mustang scoop. This will be a functional scoop!


Dress UP

While I was preparing for this event I found some things in my stash I could not resist putting on. Some extra tall ford racing valve covers with quick studs, hose dress up loom (yes this was purchased in the 80's and I forgot about it), new wires and cap. Makes for a very good looking setup. Not just pretty but burns the crap out of the tires too!!!!


My Helpers

My 14 year old son helped me with this project. He is not pictured because he had to go to work. My 8 year old boy is in the pictures. He is a good tool gofer and looks good in the car so I let him help!